Friday, November 1, 2013


Maria Luisa has traditionally offered "Wish List" shopping each holiday season. In brief, you come in and create a "wish list" of items you'd sure like to receive as gifts. We keep track of that list, so when your family or friends come by, they can take a look at it - and buy you something they're sure you'll like.
Well, this year, here is how our "Wish List" works. Come into the stores and fill out a Wish List. This will provide your friends, family, coworkers, etc. with a range of gift items to choose from that they know you will love. Holiday shopping will be made easy and thoughtful, and you will be supporting your community and local independent business. You in turn will receive a 10% discount off each item you purchase on the given day, up to the number of items on your Wish List. Example, you add 6 items on your wish list today. You purchase 6 other items today and we will take 10% off each item up to the number of items on your wish list. Additionally, when an item that is on your wish list, the purchaser will receive a 10% discount on those items! There is is one condition, and that is that the items must be purchased by December 17th to receive the purchasing discount. So, start now and spread the great news. For our Trollbead friends we are offering special incentives and bonuses for your holiday purchases. This is also a perfect time to update your Trollbead wish list for the holidays! So, we look forward to seeing you soon and often. Cheers! Maria Luisa
**** Hey Trollbead folks! We are compiling a photo album of Trollbead stories and photos, and would love to include your treasures in it! So bring them in and let us snap a shot!

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