Friday, July 25, 2014


As you likely know, this summer is one of exciting changes in the Maria Luisa world.
We closed the doors of ML by Maria Luisa a few weeks ago to devote time to a renovation project that’s long been planned.
Well, as anyone who has gone through their own home renovation well knows, things always (ALWAYS!) end up taking longer than expected. Things are coming along in a lovely manner, it’s just a bit of a slower manner than planned.
We had originally hoped to re-open in mid-August but that estimate may have been a bit too hopeful; we can’t yet announce a firm re-opening date but stay tuned both here and on Facebook for construction updates and news about all that’s going on in Maria Luisa Boutique, where ML merchandise has found a comfortable yet temporary home.
We just wanted to take a moment to give you this update, as we’ve actually heard a few rumblings that a few people were saying that we might not be re-opening at all.
We want to set the record straight – ML by Maria Luisa will not only be back but will be better than ever. There will be physical changes, aesthetic changes – an overall freshening up to keep ML as vibrant as possible.

And when we are ready, you can expect not only a grand re-opening celebration – but also a refreshed and even-more-exciting place for you to shop. 

In the meantime Maria Luisa is in full swing serving all of our Maria Luisa  and ML supportive friends and customers.   ML

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 22, 2014 Update: How's the Renovation going at ML by Maria Luisa?

Carpenters at work
Preparing the floors
Today is July 22nd and I'm just back from a few days R&R relaxing... and back in Nyack on the renovation ML project.
Walls have new sheetrock, paint is on the walls and ceilings and some new elements are in place.
We're excited about ML's mini-renovation at Maria Luisa and can't wait to unveil the NEW ML. Stay tuned.

I must give thanks to the great, local talent that is working on our project (shout outs will come later). So for now, it's a one stop Maria Luisa and ML shopping experience with brand new deliveries daily and a grand Summer Sale as well.  We love seeing you so stop by soon.
Something new and exciting
ML: Under cover through mid-August
The ML re-open date will be mid August with a grand opening later in September.  In the meantime, your favorite ML items are at Maria Luisa, so no worries, you can still come by for your favorites during the renovation process.  Yes, we have TOMS available and many of the ML favorite accessories  available for you at Maria Luisa for you now.
Check in soon for more updates.                                                                    Ciao, Maria Luisa

Maria Luisa