Monday, April 29, 2013


When we say Maria Luisa Whittingham goes to great lengths to find great things for her boutiques, we mean it. Last month found her on a journey to Peru where she, representing Maria Luisa Boutique, had been selected by PromPeru to attend PeruModa to explore a working relationship with some of the country's artisans. The trip was a real success, with Maria returning from Lima with a heightened appreciation of Peru's cuisine and its many diverse indigenous cultures -and a real excitement about some new connections made. We feel in the coming months you'll also share that excitement when you begin to see the results of these new opportunities and relationships Maria's trip helped forge. Below are images from Maria's recent visit to Lima. Peru.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Isn’t it time to stop using plastic bags once and then throwing them away? In fact, do we really need to use them at all? Most plastic bags are used once and then discarded – yes, really! I’m all for reusing the bags that we have for as long as possible and disposing of them responsibly, through recycling or re-purposing. Plastic bags are littering our waterways, strangling wildlife and increasing our demand for oil (Did you know plastic bags are made from ethylene, a by-product of natural gas or from ethylene created from naphtha, a by-product of petroleum?). When I’ve shopped for groceries lately, I’ve noticed so many more people are bringing their own reusable bags, and many markets sell or give away inexpensive bags to encourage customers to use them. When I first started to try and re-use my bags, I had a hard time remembering to bring them into the store. Sometimes I still forget and have to run back to my car for them. Some supermarkets are posting signs reminding shoppers to bring the bags in from the car. (Tip: I recommend returning the bags to the car as soon as you have unloaded the groceries or leaving the bags by the front door so that on your way out the bags can be returned to your car.) Even better: If you are able to reduce your carbon footprint by walking to the market, keep your reusable market bags close to your entry and exit and you’ll always remember to take some with you. I try to always keep a bag with me in my purse so that when I’m making an unexpected pick-up or purchase I won’t need a new bag. There have been times when I head into my village for a quick run to the store and I’ve had to balance my purchases in a pyramid-like stack simply because I forgot to replace my extra bag and just don’t want to waste another. Many reusable bags are lightweight and often fold up so they take up very little room. One of my pet peeves is that the clerks at many stores don’t ask customers whether they need a bag for their purchases before giving them one. I believe this simple step, which some stores have adopted, would greatly reduce the number of bags that need to be produced and are later added to landfills or just blow away to become litter. After all, when you buy one book at a bookstore or a pack of gum at a drugstore, do you really need a bag to carry it? Keeping all this in mind, I have made it a practice in my retail-boutique business to have all my team members ask “Did you bring your own bag today?” If the answer is no, we will then ask “Will you need a bag today?” Although we don’t use plastic bags, we understand that any additional bags and extra packing is not always what the customer wants. It is just assumed, becoming the normal way of retail operations. We want to change the norm by encouraging our customers to forego the bag for some items and to bring a bag for the purchases that will require a bag. We will not deny a bag to those who want one, and we will continue to gift-wrap beautifully, though with a conscience. If you agree with me about the need to reduce our disposable-bag consumption, will you join me to “Say No to the Bag”? If so, please go to our ‘SAY NO TO THE BAG’ Facebook event page and leave your pledge comment of “I PLEDGE TO SAY NO TO THE BAG.” We also want to hear how you plan to make a difference in reducing your use of disposable bags. This can be a fun and creative endeavor, and we look forward to your joining us in this initiative. And go ahead, share it near and far, together we will create the CHANGE. Have you picked up one of our eco-friendly - and oh-so-stylish - market totes yet? We encourage you to always have a bag on hand, for a quick trip to the store, library or anywhere. They are sold for $10, a sound (and timely) investment as we celebrate Earth Day the weekend leading up to the April 21 event and EARTH DAY on Aril 22. Pick up the bag beginning this month and we'll give you a $5 credit to use that day on other merchandise. Bring it back and each time in the future, we'll give you 10 cents off your bill. Bring any other bag for your purchases and we'll take 5 cents of your bill every time. Of course, it's part of a broader initiative, encouraging everyone to use their own bags and cut down on waste. Get into the routine- you'll be so glad you did. Maria Luisa Boutique and ML Gifts & Accessories, Nyack NY 10960