Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Summer Soiree: July 26

Who wants to go to school during the summer, right? Well, we're not exactly comparing our "Ladies' Night: The Maria Luisa Way" series to school - but we think we are giving you the chance to learn a bit while having a nice night out. (In June, for example, we learned a lot about the spirit-body connection when Judith Rose introduced her Vital Movement method, which offers an approach to wellness that goes beyond simple exercises) Well, for summer - who's traveling, who's home? - we are going to combine our series and have one evening during July/August - and the focus will be FUN. Shopping, sale prices, snacks... nothing to think too hard about. So save the date, July 26. Expect an email blast closer to the event with full details - RSVP and be ready to party (and get ready to go "back to school" come September).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ladies' Night: The Maria Luisa Way, Tuesday June 19

We are proud to announce the sixth edition of our now-signature series, Ladies' Night: The Maria Luisa Way, will be held Tuesday, June 19. The monthly series has really taken off, and we're always pleased to welcome you, our preferred customers, and your friends (who, as we see from past events, quickly become our friends and customers, too). In May, we hosted a thought-provoking night with Gloria Rodriguez, author of "You Are More Than Good Enough." Rodriguez, founder and director of DeAlmas Women's Collective, had us thinking, laughing and sharing stories as she talked about women, female empowerment and more. This month, Judith Rose will introduce us to an approach to health and wellness that touches on everything from increasing flexibility to managing stress. Here's how Rose describes her work: "Vital Movement™ is a unique program for health and well being that integrates the teachings and principles of a variety of kinetic and artistic disciplines to provide intense, restorative, and therapeutic movement experiences for people of all ages and movement capacities. The benefits of regular Vital Movement™ work include increased flexibility, expanded range of motion, improved balance and coordination, spinal alignment, physical strengthening, stress management, and personal integration." Rose is the founder and director of Nyack-based Vital Movement™. Her extensive movement background includes training in yoga, t'ai chi, modern and Afro-Caribbean dance, ballet, Alexander technique, and therapeutic breath work. She is also a certified practitioner of Otiyot Hayyot, a meditative form of letter movement, and an award-winning poet and educator. She has introduced the benefits of Vital Movement™ work to the lives of people of all ages through her classes, workshops, and sessions in private practice. She currently offers mentorship and training to new movement educators and is a frequent presenter at national and international movement conferences. Her work is deeply grounded in the belief that the arts provide a medium for personal and communal healing and transformation. As always, we'll gather starting at 6:30 p.m. in the lower-level gallery space of ML Gifts & Accessories. There will be the chance to mingle, participate in the activities (wear comfortable clothes) and as always, have a few refreshments. To help us track the number of guests - and ensure entry, as our events do tend to fill up quickly - please do RSVP via the link below. RSVP Link Hope to see you there. ML