Monday, August 24, 2015

A Quick Getaway

Some are lucky to be able to take long vacations during the summer months; others savor quick jaunts –fantastic day trips or extended weekends.
Either way, a change of scenery can do wonders for the spirit, and though we’re closer to the end of summer than the beginning, there is still plenty of time to get away.
And it’s easier than ever to make those trips super stylish – and stress free.
(After all, who wants to stress over what to wear on vacation?).
Stop by Maria Luisa Boutique and ML by Maria Luisa, where we have a great selection of picks ideal to add finishing touches to your vacation wardrobes. (And see, you waited, so a lot is on sale!).
Think hats and sandals, lightweight shawls and scarves, totes and casual tanks. Perhaps you even want to grab a tank dress in a solid hue, making everything easy to coordinate?

And don’t forget to grab a decorated journal or some lovely candles – for a hostess gift or for yourself as you carve some “me time” into your trip.