Sunday, January 21, 2018


Glow Candle
While we certainly have had our share of warm days – we’re talking near 60-degree days – this winter, for the most part, it’s been seasonally chilly.
You know, the kind of days when you want to stay in bed with a classic movie, or head to the kitchen to whip up something hearty. It’s the season when we often relish the end of the workday so we can head back to our cocoons and simply enjoy our familiar surroundings.
At Maria Luisa Boutique and ML by Maria Luisa, our shelves are filled with items that will add something extra cozy to your surroundings.
We’re filled with warm sweaters and wraps – and scarves, gloves and hats for those moments out in the cold.
We have candles that will create instant ambience and cookbooks filled with recipes ideal for these cooler days. We have simple-yet-elegant tableware to keep the focus on what you’ve made – and pillows to toss on the couch when it’s “dinner in front of the TV.”
If your down time is about pampering, we’ve got the goods, too, from scented lotions and creams to perfumes and essential oils. There’s a scent for everyone in our varied selection.
And should you need to venture out, say for a gathering with friends, it goes without saying we have the styles to send you on your way with that classic Maria Luisa flair.
Stop by and check it all out!

ML Faves for GOOD



Saturday, January 13, 2018


When you shop at Maria Luisa Boutique or ML by Maria Luisa, we certainly hope you are delighted with what you find – that you think you’ve found the perfect top, gift or maybe even new chair for your living room.
But we also hope that you get a little more out of your purchase – and that’s value.
We’re not simply talking about paying a good price for what you receive, though we certainly hope that’s what you feel.
We mean you walk out knowing your purchase was one of true value.
We know our loyal customers trust us to bring quality goods into our shops – and we appreciate your trust in us.
Maker Made
We’d just like to share here a bit about what we consider before we bring something into the shops for you to see– it’s certainly not a wishy-washy, knee-jerk reaction, a “Hey, that’s cute.”
For us, what we stock has to have integrity. Those who follow Fair Trade or eco-minded principles in their production processes create much of our merchandise.
We also like to spotlight fellow small businesses, especially those run by women. We love nothing more than giving talented artists or artisans the chance to share their talents and creativity with a wider audience, knowing that growing sales allow them to continue their work, which in turn supports their own families, employees and communities – it’s a lovely cycle we’re a part of, you see.

Fair Trade Options
When Maria Luisa Whittingham, founder and owner, meets with vendors, attends trade shows or travels the world to seek out new merchandise (a trip overseas is coming later this year – details to follow!), she is not going to be swayed by something that’s merely attractive.
She asks probing questions. She knows the answers she needs – and only then, are products brought into the Maria Luisa mix.
It’s a time-consuming process others might be tempted to skip in favor of fast-fashion and the latest trends, but not Maria. And we know that’s not why you choose to shop at Maria Luisa – and for that, we continue to be grateful.
Can’t wait to share what Maria Luisa has in store for 2018; new shipments are always arriving, so be sure to stop by- and always feel free to ask for the story behind our products. We love to share the background of our brands, our products and our selections.

We think that’s what makes us us – and has for 30 years (and counting!).

Sunday, January 7, 2018



Was saving money one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Join the club.
Maybe you decided to – finally – pay more attention to yourself. Sure, it’s admirable to always be doing things for others, but it shouldn’t mean neglecting your own well-being.
Or perhaps you’ve simply decided to get a jump start on this year’s gift-giving – you know, buy Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts in advance so you’re not running around like crazy at the last minute.
No matter what you’re working on in this new year, we’re pretty sure you won’t turn down the chance to save some money, spruce up your surroundings or brighten up your wardrobe.
You can do all that at – drumroll, please – 

Now that we have your attention, ha – here are the details:

From Jan. 9-14 in both Maria Luisa Boutique AND ML by Maria Luisa, storewide savings will be up to 60%.

Jewelry – Up to 25% off.
Accessories and Fragrances – 20 to 40% off.
Winter Clothing and Footwear – 25 to 50% off.
Furniture and Home Goods – 30 to 60% off.

We’re excited – and hope you are, too.
We look forward to seeing you – and helping you pick out some special things at some pretty incredible prices.
Hey, it’s our way of saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Here at Maria Luisa, we hope your 2018 is off to a good start.
If you’ve resolved to do more this year – for your health, for the community – then you’re in luck.
We have the perfect event that combines both – and will be plenty of fun to boot.
And there’s still plenty of time to join the effort.
As we’ve been mentioning on our social media the past few weeks, we’ve formed a team (ML Faves for GOOD) to participate in the Jan. 6 – that’s this Saturday morningResolution Run Nyack 4-Mile Fun Run/Walk to End Hunger.    
We are about to kick off our #MLFavesForGood 2018 efforts with a team participation in the Resolution Run Nyack.
The Nyack Hunger Coalition event will take participants through the streets of Nyack in an event designed as a "fun run/walk" to raise funds to help end the hunger crisis in our own Nyack community.
We'd love if you can participate, running or walking, on event day, Jan. 6, but we'd also be happy to simply have you out there cheering us along - or making a monetary donation in support of the effort. Register in advance to save $5 on the entry; or donate any time.
Maria Luisa Whittingham is striving to raise $1,000 and if the goal is met, will donate an additional $100 to the cause.
We're looking forward to starting off the new year on such a positive note - and thank you in advance for anything you are able to do to help the effort.
Sign up - or donate-> at Resolution Run Nyack.

Here’s a bit of the background:
It was back last summer when we gathered a team some 80 women strong to participate in the 30th annual Women's Distance Festival 5K Walk/Run. The July 8 event at Rockland Lake State Park in Congers, a benefit for the Center for Safety & Change, marked not only our 30th anniversary but also the event's 30th anniversary and Maria's own 60th birthday.
The sense of camaraderie, the importance of the cause and the funds raised by the team sparked yet another chapter in the Maria Luisa story - the formation of the  #MLFavesForGood initiative.
 Envisioned as a way to capitalize on the spirit of that special day, the initiative is a concrete way to continue efforts to help the local nonprofit community.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


If you’re looking for a holiday gift with an extra layer of meaning, we have a couple of options.
These are gifts that are not only good in and of themselves – but they also help do good.

The first is a musical option, a CD called “Season of Love: A Musical Tribute to the Nyack Center.” 
All proceeds of the $15 release – an effort organized by a 10-year-old named Josie, recorded at the Center’s new recording studio and featuring performances by children throughout the Nyacks – go to the Nyack Center, an organization whose works we have long supported.
And as you well know, we also not only support but often also team up with Keep Rockland Beautiful.
This year, KRB is selling a 2018 “Beautiful Rockland” wall calendar in honor of its 20th anniversary. Billed as an ideal gift for friends, family, employees and customers, the calendar is a tax-deductible purchase ($19.95) that showcases the work of local photographers. The quality product, created thanks to a grant from Rockland County Tourism and Harrington Press, is a great way to celebrate the works of Keep Rockland Beautiful throughout the new year.

Both the CD and the calendar, all proceeds go to each organization, are on sale at Maria Luisa Boutique, so we hope you’ll consider them as part of your holiday shopping.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Spring has its flowers. Summer has its salty sea air.
There are scents that just seem to be associated with certain seasons.
And if you stop by Maria Luisa Boutique these days, you’ll be transported directly into the holiday season with a few product lines that are just captivating.
First up is Frasier Fir from Thymes, which takes you either to the heady heart of the forest or in front of the Christmas tree. It’s a scent that seems forever associated with the holidays, and you can savor it through candles, triple-milled soap, reed diffusers and hand cream.
And then there’s Patch NYC Stag, a collection featuring a scent drawn from Siberian fir, cilantro, citrus and a touch of raspberry. A collaboration with local favorites The Soap & Paper Factory, the line includes 100% soy candles, artisan handcrafted soap and eau du cologne.
More? Well, we also have scented products from Illume. We’re loving its Balsam & Cedar candle, which is poured into a “Radiant” metal holder. The company’s proprietary sox wax blend offers “higher fragrance throw” and a clean burn, all housed in a precious-metal finish with just a touch of shine. Then, there’s its Winter White, an aromatic evergreen and frosted cypress scent the company tells us is “dusted with white peppercorn, spicy-cool cardamom and a sparkling citrus nuance, perfectly wrapped in glowing amber.”
It all adds up to some seasonally lush scents.
As Maria herself says, when you’re near the display area for these ideal home or gift products, just, “Close your eyes, and you think you’re in a cabin.”


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