Sunday, February 18, 2018


ML by Maria Luisa Scholarship Fund

We’ve got some exciting news and are hoping you can help us spread the word:

Applications are now available for the 2018 ML by Maria Luisa Scholarship*.

As we hope you know by now, it was in the spring of 2015 that we were beyond pleased to award our first scholarship – and the program has grown ever since.

Thanks to your generous support, through donations, raffle tickets and more, we have awarded the scholarship to a young woman for three years running, with our academic year 2017-2018 program now under way.

In brief, the scholarship is designed to recognize Rockland County high school female seniors who have demonstrated a desire to learn and foster principals of civic and community involvement, an awareness of issues of social justice and equality and related interests supporting Fair Trade and eco-friendly principles.

Each scholarship is a $1,000.00 award given to a promising high school senior in need of financial aid, designed to assist with costs in attending a college of her choice.  
The program is administered through a partnership with the Rockland Community Foundation – and this year, our program’s fourth, we will be marking its expansion in two important ways:

• Our program is being expanded to encourage both females and those who identify as female to participate; and

• We plan to present two scholarships, one to a graduating senior who resides in Rockland County with a second (and equal) scholarship specifically presented to a Nyack student. This additional award is designed to recognize the community that has embraced Maria Luisa Boutique and ML by Maria Luisa since 1987.

Please help us spread the word – share this with your daughters, nieces, sisters, neighbors, students and friends – anyone who might benefit from this program.

To be considered for the ML by Maria Luisa Scholarship applicants must attend a public, private or parochial school within Rockland County. Well-rounded high school seniors who demonstrate a significant commitment to volunteer service in our community are encouraged to apply.

Maria Luisa Whittingham herself benefitted from scholarship funds, monies that helped her continue her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. It had always been a dream to some day is able to “return the favor.”

Today, Maria stands proud to have this concrete way to continue her longtime efforts to support the next generation of female leaders.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.
*Applications can be downloaded at or
Thanks for helping us spread the word – and we hope you’ll join us this spring when we host our annual scholarship presentation evening. Stay tuned for details.
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Sunday, February 11, 2018


How many times have you wanted to run out to shop this winter but decided against it because of the snow, rain, ice or wind?

Maybe you got the urge to splurge at midnight – long after shop doors have closed.

Or perhaps you forgot – or didn’t have time – to run to your favorite shop to buy a gift for someone special. 

As we all know, online shopping takes away such “barriers” – and offers some really convenient solutions.

That is why – despite our joy in seeing you in our brick-and-mortar shops – we encourage you to shop with us online.

At MARIALUISABOUTIQUE.COM – and more recently, SHOPTIQUES.COM (more on that in a moment), you can find so much of what you love at Maria Luisa Boutique and ML by Maria Luisa with the simple click of the keyboard.


As you likely know, shopping online at offers not only convenience but also another way to support us in our community efforts. For each purchase through our website, we have long pledged, through the ML/GL initiative, to donate 10% of each sale to the local community organization that you select upon checking out.

And in recent months, we have also joined SHOPTIQUES.COM, a platform that offers unique products from “the world’s best local boutiques” through one site. Adding to our exposure as a Hudson Valley destination, this opportunity raises our profile and offers more customers the chance to experience the “Maria Luisa look” you’ve come to know and love. 

With this efficient way to now ship around the world, we’ve been pleased to already receive orders from savvy shoppers in both England and Finland – here’s to the Maria Luisa name going international!

 Scroll through and see what you think of our edited selection of clothing, accessories and gift items.

Either way you do it – rest assured, you can indeed shop in your pajamas and no one will be the wiser!!

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Monday, February 5, 2018


Valentine’s Day, as we all know, is Feb. 14… and that’s coming up pretty quickly.
It’s a day devoted to love – all kinds of love.

Sure, the most traditional celebration is of romantic love – but in a wonderful way, the observance has expanded over the years. Valentine’s Day is now a time to recognize all those you love – romantic partners but also parents and children, siblings and friends.

A wander through both Maria Luisa Boutique and ML by Maria Luisa offers up quite a selection of gift ideas ideal for anyone you may be shopping for.

Available in Nyack, NY Shop
When it comes to pampering – what a nice way to show you care – we have soaps (think everything from lilac to lemongrass sage to stout beer), lotions, scents, bath goods, candles and more. And just for the guys, there’s a full range of Duke Cannon products, which you may know, are “premium grooming goods for hard-working gentlemen.”

If you’re setting a romantic scene for your Valentine with a nice meal, we have cookbooks, tabletop goods and some lovely candlesticks to help set the mood.
There’s always jewelry, a near-universal favorite that takes on added meaning when given for Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s sterling silver twisted into a one-of-a-kind ring, a graceful tassel necklace or truly unique selections created out of agave fibers, the options are plenty.

All ages will be dazzled by the bright Fair Trade totes. There’s a blush-hued jacket from KUT.  And we have charming terrariums. Scarves featuring reclaimed Sari fabrics and settle-into-them pillows are colorful choices. And shoes, did we mention shoes, for those who really want to make an impression? 

We even go literal – with heart-shaped stones boasting sayings such as “Love is Love,” while other stones and signs that offer encouragement (“What are you waiting for?”). 

Journals of many styles are at the ready for those who like to chronicle their life – perhaps this Valentine’s will be especially memorable – or simply want to keep their endless lists in beautiful bindings.

And, of course, we’ve got the fashions and accessories not only for others but to also dress you in style, wherever your Valentine’s celebration may take you.
We hope to see you all soon. Don’t forget, we’re always here to offer advice and suggestions – or if you can’t make it in, remember you can shop online any time.
Lastly, remember that a Maria Luisa gift card always “fits.” HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!


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ML by Maria Luisa Scholarship Fund

Another Newsletter
 brought to you
by Maria Luisa

Monday, January 29, 2018

Are you ‘SUPER’ SUNDAY ready?

Are you ready for Feb. 4? You know, when Super Bowl LII pits the Philadelphia Eagles against the reigning champions, the New England Patriots.
For a lot of people, Super Bowl Sunday means a big party, whether you actually watch the football game or not.
If you’re having friends over for another annual gathering – or are a guest (lucky you!) in search of a host gift – here at Maria Luisa Boutique and ML by Maria Luisa, we’ve got the goods to get you game-ready.
Our year-round selections include plenty of items ideal for home entertaining, use in the kitchen or for simply sprucing up the surroundings.
We’re talking cookbooks and oven mitts, dish towels and cheese boards, snack bowls, coasters and placemats, to name just a few. We also have pillows and chairs, floor mats and throws if you need to expand the viewing area. (Of course, we have plenty of casual-but-chic fashions and accessories for looking your best, as well).
And for those who have zero interest in the game, fear not – we’ve plenty for you, too, especially if you’re hosting or attending an “anti-Super Bowl” gathering.
If that’s the play you’re making, how about creating a quiet zone complete with Zen accents, atmospheric candles and even cozy socks?
As you can see, whether you’ll be in the heat of the action or savoring something completely different from the sidelines, we’ve got the makings for a memorable Super Bowl Sunday.

Woodsy Tones
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Maria Luisa Whittingham
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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Glow Candle
While we certainly have had our share of warm days – we’re talking near 60-degree days – this winter, for the most part, it’s been seasonally chilly.
You know, the kind of days when you want to stay in bed with a classic movie, or head to the kitchen to whip up something hearty. It’s the season when we often relish the end of the workday so we can head back to our cocoons and simply enjoy our familiar surroundings.
At Maria Luisa Boutique and ML by Maria Luisa, our shelves are filled with items that will add something extra cozy to your surroundings.
We’re filled with warm sweaters and wraps – and scarves, gloves and hats for those moments out in the cold.
We have candles that will create instant ambience and cookbooks filled with recipes ideal for these cooler days. We have simple-yet-elegant tableware to keep the focus on what you’ve made – and pillows to toss on the couch when it’s “dinner in front of the TV.”
If your down time is about pampering, we’ve got the goods, too, from scented lotions and creams to perfumes and essential oils. There’s a scent for everyone in our varied selection.
And should you need to venture out, say for a gathering with friends, it goes without saying we have the styles to send you on your way with that classic Maria Luisa flair.
Stop by and check it all out!

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Saturday, January 13, 2018


When you shop at Maria Luisa Boutique or ML by Maria Luisa, we certainly hope you are delighted with what you find – that you think you’ve found the perfect top, gift or maybe even new chair for your living room.
But we also hope that you get a little more out of your purchase – and that’s value.
We’re not simply talking about paying a good price for what you receive, though we certainly hope that’s what you feel.
We mean you walk out knowing your purchase was one of true value.
We know our loyal customers trust us to bring quality goods into our shops – and we appreciate your trust in us.
Maker Made
We’d just like to share here a bit about what we consider before we bring something into the shops for you to see– it’s certainly not a wishy-washy, knee-jerk reaction, a “Hey, that’s cute.”
For us, what we stock has to have integrity. Those who follow Fair Trade or eco-minded principles in their production processes create much of our merchandise.
We also like to spotlight fellow small businesses, especially those run by women. We love nothing more than giving talented artists or artisans the chance to share their talents and creativity with a wider audience, knowing that growing sales allow them to continue their work, which in turn supports their own families, employees and communities – it’s a lovely cycle we’re a part of, you see.

Fair Trade Options
When Maria Luisa Whittingham, founder and owner, meets with vendors, attends trade shows or travels the world to seek out new merchandise (a trip overseas is coming later this year – details to follow!), she is not going to be swayed by something that’s merely attractive.
She asks probing questions. She knows the answers she needs – and only then, are products brought into the Maria Luisa mix.
It’s a time-consuming process others might be tempted to skip in favor of fast-fashion and the latest trends, but not Maria. And we know that’s not why you choose to shop at Maria Luisa – and for that, we continue to be grateful.
Can’t wait to share what Maria Luisa has in store for 2018; new shipments are always arriving, so be sure to stop by- and always feel free to ask for the story behind our products. We love to share the background of our brands, our products and our selections.

We think that’s what makes us us – and has for 30 years (and counting!).

Sunday, January 7, 2018



Was saving money one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Join the club.
Maybe you decided to – finally – pay more attention to yourself. Sure, it’s admirable to always be doing things for others, but it shouldn’t mean neglecting your own well-being.
Or perhaps you’ve simply decided to get a jump start on this year’s gift-giving – you know, buy Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts in advance so you’re not running around like crazy at the last minute.
No matter what you’re working on in this new year, we’re pretty sure you won’t turn down the chance to save some money, spruce up your surroundings or brighten up your wardrobe.
You can do all that at – drumroll, please – 

Now that we have your attention, ha – here are the details:

From Jan. 9-14 in both Maria Luisa Boutique AND ML by Maria Luisa, storewide savings will be up to 60%.

Jewelry – Up to 25% off.
Accessories and Fragrances – 20 to 40% off.
Winter Clothing and Footwear – 25 to 50% off.
Furniture and Home Goods – 30 to 60% off.

We’re excited – and hope you are, too.
We look forward to seeing you – and helping you pick out some special things at some pretty incredible prices.
Hey, it’s our way of saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!