Sunday, March 20, 2016


Have you heard about Duke Cannon Supply Co.?
For a clue as to its approach, just know that it bills itself as “America’s Most American Brand” and “The Choice of Champion Barbers.”

As its attitude-heavy homepage states, “Duke Cannon isn’t for everyone. And quite frankly, he prefers it that way.”

If you have — or know — a man of singular style, of old-fashioned values, one with a hint of rugged and an old-school swagger, then you will want to check out our new line of products seemingly designed just for him.

Among the Duke Cannon grooming products we are offering are the Superior Grade ShaveCream, which features aloe vera and shea butter; and the Tactical LipProtectant, created using premium, natural and organic ingredients and featuring SPF 15.

And one guaranteed to elicit a chuckle — the Big Ass Brick of Soap. Available in four scents, this is a full military-grade product modeled after the rough cut “brick” style soap used by GIs during the Korean War.

Wondering how well these no-fuss, no-frills products work? All Duke Cannon products are field tested by active duty U.S. soldiers, so you know they’ve made the grade.

And in appreciation for the men — and women — who have and continue to serve our country, Duke Cannon Supply Co. donates a portion of its proceeds to veterans’ causes.

Come in — or visit — to shop for “America’s Most American Brand".

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