Monday, September 1, 2014

The final stretch…

What a summer it’s been for us with the renovation of ML by Maria Luisa filling our days (and quite a few evenings).
Now, we’re finally able to say we are oh-so-close to the re-opening of the shop’s doors THIS Friday.

These final days are filled with what’s been more of the fun stuff – the heavy work is now just a memory – as we’ll have all our team members pitching in to help with tasks ranging from hanging the curtains to stocking our shelves (yay!) to setting up our new display windows.
So much to do – and just a handful of days to accomplish it all.
As with any renovation, the tasks sometimes seem endless and we are giving it our all to make it the very best we can.
And what’s keeping us going is that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, imagining the time when we can look back on it all as a job well done – and getting to share the results with you.
Again, we thank you for your patience throughout this project – and appreciate your visiting us at Maria Luisa Boutique next door all summer.

So, with every confidence that we will make it to our “finish line” on time, we invite you to join us at 5 p.m. this Friday for a toast and a walk-through of our new ML by Maria Luisa.
The evening will be part of our “First Friday” celebration but also have that added excitement thanks to the unveiling.
We hope to see you there – and don’t forget to bring your re-usable shopping bag. After all, you’ll want to have it ready for all your new ML finds.
See you Friday!

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