Sunday, November 27, 2016

Home for the Holidays


 November and December are naturally filled with holiday spirit.
It’s just in the air.
And this time of year, we often find ourselves hosting family and friends more than ever.
ML Home
We’ve got plenty of options for adding a little seasonal spirit to your surroundings, from wall hangings to pillows to plenty of great entertaining accents.
Our choices are quiet and thoughtful, subtle accents that make a guest feel welcome.
Oh, and they might make you just want to cozy up for a warm evening in, as well.
Come see what we have in store, at both Maria Luisa Boutique and ML by Maria Luisa, for your home this season.   ML

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall’s splendor

Bryn Sweater          
Turquoise Splendor
We’ve been telling you about autumn fashions and accessories, how we’re embracing the styles and shades of the season.
Well, we’ve taken a few moments to really
take a look at our offerings – and think you’ll agree with us that we’ve got quite a treasure trove of textures and colors filling our shops.
We’re loving the peacock blues in cozy sweaters and the lacy beige of a funky tunic.
There are cutouts and faux fur, bold designs and prints that resonate with life.
We’re loving them – and hope you are, too.  #MLfaves

Monday, November 7, 2016

Just for kids

Dress Up
Educational Fun
Cuddle up

Don’t think that autumn wardrobes and accessories are just for Well… usually it’s the moms and aunts, dads and grandmothers buying things for the little ones (though they’re certainly welcome, too).
And we’ve got plenty of choices, from warm sweaters and cute skirts to little bags, plenty of books and toys (ideal for those holiday trips) and of course, a fairy princess costume, cause as we know, there’s always time for a game of dress-up. adults.Here at Maria Luisa Boutique and ML by Maria Luisa, we care about customers of all ages.