Sunday, August 7, 2016

A thought-provoking evening

A group of nearly 20 – primarily women but a few intrepid gentlemen – gathered at Maria Luisa
Boutique on a recent evening to attend the Susan Travis author appearance.
Travis, a veteran licensed mental health worker, therapist in private practice and local resident,

was our guest, with the focus being her book, “I’m My Own Worst Enemy… NO MORE.”

As hoped, the evening proved to draw a thoughtful group together in a laid-back environment –

the home-furnishing section at the rear of the boutique.
As Travis observed of the surroundings at the start of her talk, she said, “It’s comfortable without

even speaking.”
But she did speak, in a most inviting and conversational manner, about the book and how it is

part of her goal “to help as many people as possible see the beauty inside themselves.”

She took the group on a virtual exploration of her book, explaining her approach (developing a

prison analogy) and showing, often through examples, that “you have the keys to get out of any

prisons you have created.”

For those who have long struggled with issues including being too nice, of constantly feeling guilt

and worry, of searching for perfection at all costs… and so many other “prisons,” the program

offered plenty of food for thought.

Travis, who noted that “courage is not always on the battlefield,” connected with the group – and

offered a refreshing perspective while effortlessly creating a sense of camaraderie.

Toward the end of her presentation, Travis summed things up in a most inspiring manner.

“I believe we are works in progress til your last breath, til your very last breath,” she said. “We

can change.”

And who wouldn’t be inspired by that?

We thank Travis for sharing her perspective; her book remains on sale at Maria Luisa.

– Mary Shustack for Maria Luisa Boutique

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