Tuesday, December 11, 2012

OPEN DAILY for your Local Shopping Convenience

How’s your holiday shopping going? Good, we hope. And we just want to remind you we’re here for all your gift-giving needs. Maria Luisa Boutique and ML Gifts & Accessories are now open daily – yes, every single day now through Dec. 24 – for your shopping convenience. Tight on time? If you don’t feel you have time to browse, just give us a call and we’ll not only provide gift ideas but also discuss late hours. And don’t forget that always-appropriate solution, the gift certificate. It might make your shopping a breeze, but it also makes for a lovely surprise for the recipient. They get to come in, at their convenience, and pick out their heart’s desire, all on you. Now if that’s not a generous gift, then what is? We’re again also offering our Wish List. Make it easy on those you love – create a Maria Luisa wish list, and we’ll give those who purchase something for you off that list a 15% discount when they shop through Dec. 16. So, as you see, we’re more than ready to fill your holiday needs, in the most stylish way. We hope you’ll stop in, especially as that will give you the chance to see our festive holiday windows. Happy shopping, no matter how you do it. Maria Luisa

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